I've taken a reference from link : How to track SLA/OLA for different processes in Salesforce? and now wanted to ask about violated scenarios.

I've the following questions in my mind:

  1. Can two milestones be execute at the same time if the milestones are independents of each other ?
  2. Can we not execute milestone-2 if milestone-1 fails or violated ? Do we need to wait for the someone to initiate milestone-1 and then only completion of milestone-1, milestone-2 can be executed ?

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Salesforce does not complete the milestone automatically.

You need to run a code to complete the milestone. It is possible multiple milestones are run simultaneously if you don't complete other ones.

Code to complete milestone is as follows:

public class MilestoneUtils 
    public static void completeMilestone(List<Id> caseIds, DateTime complDate) 

        List<CaseMilestone> cmsToUpdate = [select Id, completionDate
                                            from CaseMilestone cm
                                            where caseId in :caseIds and IsCompleted =False
                                            and completionDate = null limit 1];
            if (cmsToUpdate.isEmpty() == false)
                for (CaseMilestone cm : cmsToUpdate)
                    cm.completionDate = complDate;
            update cmsToUpdate;

Secondly milestones can be initiated based on certain values on Case record. Let's say you have written a logic, if case status is in-progress and case type is "Accounting" then new milestones gets created.

So, during creation, system will not look for any previous milestones running or not.

Refer Milestone Recurrence Types

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