I am looking for a way (I haven't found one, and I don't think it is possible) to have conditional formatting on Pivot Table or just any Table within Wave Analytics. E.g. Ability to conditionally color any cell. For example, if a value is lower than a static value or another column's value by specific percentage, then set one color, if lower by another percentage, then set another color.

I tried manipulating the JSON behind a Pivot table, but it was not working. SAQL conditional color is only possible for Number widget.

If anyone had any experience in successfully producing conditional formatting for Wave table-type charts, please let me know.

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You can modify the XMD of the dataset (nameofthedataset.xmd.json) to add colors to the relevant member values. Edit the dataset and download the xmd, by default there are no dimensions


Then change it according to your requirement,

here is a sample xmd that I have used to change the colors

{"dataset":{},"dates":[],"derivedDimensions":[],"derivedMeasures":[],"dimensions":[{"customActions":[],"field":"Type","label":"Case Type","members":[{"color":"#008FFF","member":"Cer"},{"color":"#B0E0E6","member":"Complaint"},{"color":"#66CDAA","member":"Request"},{"color":"#7CFC00","member":"Other"},{"color":"#FFE4C4","member":"Request2"},{"color":"#FFA07A","member":"Suggestion"},{"color":"#FFBC00","member":"Technical Request"},{"color":"#FFB6C1","member":"Support"}],"recordDisplayFields":[],"salesforceActions":[],"showInExplorer":false}],"measures":[],"organizations":[],"showDetailsDefaultFields":[]}

  • Thanks. This is semi-conditional, as it cannot evaluate an arbitrary range comparison, e.g. x < 0, it will only handle static known values for the "member" parameter.
    – Ordos
    Commented Aug 1, 2017 at 18:17

Its not currently possible, in an upcoming release they will add conditional formatting to color a cell in based on a logical test condition.

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