I am trying to add the ability to the marketing team to have custom personalization strings in Content Builder. I managed to create them but I have an issue to fill the Email Demographics table with data.

Let me explain the process :

  1. Go to Email Studio > Subscribers > Profile Management
  2. Create a new Attribute "Test Custom Attribute"
  3. Wait a couple of minutes
  4. Go to Contact Builder > Data Designer and click on the Email Data group attribute
  5. You will find the "Test Custom Attribute" in the Email Demographics Data Extension
  6. Go to Email Studio > Content Builder
  7. Create/Edit an Email and add a content block
  8. You will find your "Test Custom Attribute" as a Personalization String in the UI

Now the idea is to populate this table with data coming from an existing data extension (the population).

I know that it is possible to create an "internal import" from a Data Extension into All Contacts - Push or SMS but not Email.

I know also that it is possible via API using the /contacts/v1/contacts route.

My question is : Is it possible to populate "Email Demographics" Data extension from an existing data extension using Automation Studio (Import or SQL activity)?


There are multiple ways you can achieve this easiest would be SQL query:


FieldName as 'Test Custom Attribute'

from FirstTable

and select it as an overwrite/or update.

Or as a Script activity - using AMPscript you can use the UpdateDE or UpsertDE functions.

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