As of the latest release guide, I could only find this Summer ’17 guide in regards to Wave Analytics Dashboard

But it is only the documentation of how to use JSON and what kinds of parameters can be added.

I have also browsed You tube videos without any success, finding out that there wasn't any visual material for this.

Is there a more high level guide on what level of customization JSON can achieve? For example, I know that the basic drag and drop has quite limited functionality. Wondering if JSON can scale the pie charts to any given size and be grouped together in 1 page like the image below?

enter image description here

Can someone with Wave Analytics Dashboard experience help to answer the question?


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I think there are two resources I know of that you'll find particularly helpful. First is the Einstein Analytics Group in the Success Community where these things are discussed all the time. Its a very active group. The other is the Analytics REST API Developer Guide where you'll see what you can do with the JSON on various Wave Resources.

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