I have created a community using napili template. I have added a page with the report chart component, and added a report from the public folder to it. However, the reports are visible in the preview, but cannot be viewed on the page when I open it using the url. What changes should I make in the settings to resolve this issue?

I have created a permission set to allow the assignees to view reports in the public folder. I am getting the following error while assigning this permission set to the community users.

enter image description here

  • Is this visibility a problem for the system admin or as a community user?
    – Dave Humm
    Jul 14, 2017 at 8:37

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You need to create a permission set with only the 'Create and Customise Reports', 'Edit Reports', 'Run Reports' and 'Report Builder' permissions for the Community users as they have the Customer Community Plus licence.

The users will also need to be granted access to the folders that the relevant reports and dashboards are held in.

From the documentation

External User Permissions Needed to Create and Edit Reports To create, customize, and delete reports in a personal folder: “Create and Customize Reports” AND “Report Builder”

To create, customize and delete their own reports in a privately shared folder with Viewer access: “Edit My Reports” AND “Report Builder”


To export report data: “Export Reports”

You can give permission to create and edit reports to all role-based external users with licenses such as Customer Community Plus and Partner Community. You can also give permission to all legacy role-based portal licenses such as Customer Portal and Gold Partner.

Partner and customer users can’t create, edit, or view reports in the Unfiled Public Reports folder.

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