My salesforce org uses cms force app to build html,vf pages etc and deploy them for sites being used by farm projects.

Due to data protection act 1998 EU, my client has requested for types of cookies being used by sfdc sites so that they can publish it in their privacy declaration statement.

When i approached SFDC support they only shared the link for privacy statement and common cookies like session and performance cookies related information. (see here)

However my client is very persistent on list of all the cookies being used via sites so that they can publish/declare their legal terms with list of cookies used by sfdc.

did anyone faced the same issue? was anyone able to get the list of cookies used by salesforce or salesforce site etc? if there was no list how would one suggest me to approach client on this?


You can install a browser extension to find all the cookies used on the site. Filter the cookies by Domain name to find the list of cookies used by Salesforce. But if you need the description of the cookies, then I think you have to ask Salesforce support.

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  • H Saroj, thanks for sharing the insight , i have tried and have found some cookies list. I have raised case with SFDC support, but they were denying to share the cookies information as it was related to security related issues. All i need was some information which can be shared on clients website saying that these are some coockies etc which are used to transfer infor from your pc etc as part of data privacy policy. – chops Jul 18 '17 at 6:02

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