I wanted to have Automated Backup of Salesforce Environment which includes all of the code and configuration we get through the Eclipse project and then meta data Selection.

I used ANT scripts and Force.com migration tool.

I am currently using pre configured package.xml file for the components which are retrieved via * wild card. and another package.xml where I have mentioned components which supports the folders. In case there is any change in the folder structure in the org, I am planning to update this Package.xml manually so that in next retrieve call the backup have the correct code and configurations. Also to overcome the max limit exceeded I am using multiple retrieve calls with smaller packages.xml files.

This was the automated process which I am using.

But the error I am facing is for layout component Layout Error for layout component extract when I execute the retrieve command for layouts it shows the below error, however some of the layout are extracted and saved in the target directory. unable to find out the error for the layout component


As some layouts are being saved, the most likely cause is that one or more of the layouts has a name containing a character that is not valid in a Windows file name i.e. one of these:

  • oh yes that may be the point. Thanks for pointing it out. I will check and update if the problem was solved.thanks. – user3813 Oct 19 '13 at 19:17

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