When sending an Email via a Visualforce Email Template, I would like to get all attachments I have for an Opportunity record. I found this page very helpful: Insert Attachment into Visualforce Email Template When linking the documents, it works fine. But this piece of code does not:

<messaging:attachment filename="{!relatedTo.Attachments[0].Name}"   renderAs="{!relatedTo.Attachments[0].ContentType}">

When I try to save I get the error: Error occurred trying to load the template for preview: "Subscript is invalid because list is empty. Please try editing your markup to correct the problem"

What is the solution here, or how could I integrate one/more components depending on the list index of the attachment to get a similar result?


Subscript is invalid because list is empty makes it sound like your Attachments array is empty. Instead of hard-coding the first item in the array, why not use apex:repeat to iterate through them, or check Attachments.size first before outputting with <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!relatedTo.Attachments.size > 0}">{!relatedTo.Attachments[0].Id}</apex:outputPanel>

  • Well, this is the thing that you cannot use Apex:repeat with <messaging:attachment>. Take a look at the page I attached, there you can find the discussion. – A. SFDeveloper Jul 12 '17 at 4:09

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