I recently discovered a bug that makes it impossible to deploy subscriber triggers on Platform Events.

In my sandbox environment, the bug appears to be fixed. Yay! Unfortunately, that patch has not been rolled out to my production instance, preventing go-live. Is there a way to find out when patch releases are scheduled? Or to request an upgrade?


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if you find the issue in the known issue list then it gives you some details about what pods it's been deployed to thus far.


I remember back in the day SF released patches on Wednesdays. I'm not sure if that's still the case but if you're right that it's fixed in a sandbox a production patch might not be far along, unless they determine it's a release issue and then you're stuck till next release.

For what it's worth I googled all over the place to find the known issue for this one but I couldn't find it. Did you log a case with Salesforce? Sometimes the rep can find a internal timeline that's not public.


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