I am currently checking force:recordData tag and I cannot find any information if this is available on PROD orgs or not, as in a documentation it doesn't say anything about it, but on the release notes page for Lightning Data Service it mentions that the whole LDS is still beta Can I safely use it and then deploy to my PROD org or is it not possible? How are the beta features managed and where can I find any info about what's available for PROD and what is not?



Lightning Data Service is only available in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1. Using Lightning Data Service in other containers, such as Lightning Components for Visualforce, Lightning Out, or Communities isn’t supported. This is true even if these containers are accessed inside Lightning Experience or Salesforce1, for example, a Visualforce page added to Lightning Experience.

It is available if your Org is in Summer '17.

You can read more from the Developer Documentation.

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