I'm using forceChatter:publisherlightning component and would like to invoke some functionality when user click on "Share" button. enter image description here

Is there any event I could listen to? In Salesforce lightning inspector I can see application event is firing (forceChatter:postCreated) but when I add a handler for that event type it doesn't seem to work. eg. <aura:handler name="forceChatter:postCreated" event="forceChatter:postCreated" action="{!c.chatterPosted}"/>

Any ideas? Your help will be much appreciated :)


Just found the answer. Will leave an answer for future reference.

Since forceChatter:postCreated is an application event, we don't need to define name in the handler so the correct handler should be as follows.

<aura:handler event="forceChatter:postCreated" action="{!c.chatterPosted}"/>

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