I have a custom object called Employee__c. Once I create a new User in Salesforce, a new and corresponding Employee__c record has to be automatically created in the system using the information from the User record.

How can I create a new Employe__c record out of a new User record?


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This is pretty straight forward, but what the others said.. Process builder or trigger. I did this in the after context so you can link your Employee__c.User to it..

trigger User on User (after insert)
    List<User> userList = new List<User>();

    for(User u : Trigger.new)

    List<Employee__c> employeeList = new List<Employee__c>();

    for(User user : userList)
        Employee__c emp = new Employee__c();
        emp.User__c = user.ID;

    insert employeeList;

You can use Process builder or a trigger to create the Employee records.

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