Public class productavailcheck{

    public string PID{get; set;}
    public list<inventory__c> productlist{get; set;}

    public productavailcheck(){

        productlist   =[select Stocks__c,productid__c,name from Inventory__c where productid__c =: PID];


    public pagereference finalbuybutton(){

        for(inventory__c stcheck : productlist)

                productlist.stocks__c = productlist.stocks__c - 1;

        update productlist;

        return null;


PID is passed from another VF page through pagereference. in the if condition when i try to use products__c or stocks__c ,it shows me the error

Error: Compile Error: Variable does not exist: stocks__c at line 19 column 18

and when that if block is empty, no compile errors are there. What is that i am doing wrong?


Because List does not have any property named Stocks__c. You need to reference the individual record, not the collection.


for (Inventory__c record : productList)
    productList.Stocks__c ...


for (Inventory__c record : productList)
    record.Stocks__c ...

In your case, you need to change productList.Stocks__c to stcheck.Stocks__c.


Productlist is a list of Inventory__c objects. And your are trying to access stocks__c from the List, whereas you should access it from individual record. Use [] operator to access the record from the list.

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