• We have a process builder which is set to start when 'record is created or edited' and this had a scheduled action to update status field.

  • Later we identified we no longer need this action so we removed with a new version, tested and verified working fine.

  • However it seems that removed action is still firing for older records.

Assuming that new version is not applicable for already queued records. Can someone confirm this or any reference documentation please?

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    Looking forward to see what solution comes of this question. Sounds like your issue may be similar to ours. Our process schedules a record creation. But when the scheduled time arrived, it didn't re-evaluate the criteria to see if was still valid, so record was created when the criteria didn't match anymore. I'm curious if Time based actions in Process Builder are different from Time Based Work Flows, where they don't re-evaluate upon trigger date? – SDiv Jul 10 '17 at 13:50

I found and believe below section from a documentation is related to this for any others who are looking for. Help Documentation

What Happens When the Associated Process Is Deactivated? After you deactivate a process, the scheduled actions continue as usual. If a deactivated process has pending scheduled actions and the record whose field the schedule is based on is changed, Salesforce recalculates the schedule for those actions. Once a process is deactivated, Salesforce ignores all other changes to associated records.

Keeping open this for a better answer or a confirmation.

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