I have apex variable in my visualforce page, which is calculated as below -

<apex:variable var="cntFinal" value="{!IF(cntVar1==0,0,(cntVar2+cntVar3)*100/cntVar1)}"/>

Now, I want to set this cntFinal value up to two decimal places. For example, if the value is 0.23769, I want to show 0.24. This conversion have to be as Number, not as a string(using <apex:outputText> will convert it to text). As I will be using this to calculate other values.

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Keeping everything in visualforce here, there is a function to do precisely what you're looking for, ROUND.

It appears about half-way down the documentation page on visualforce functions

Returns the nearest number to a number you specify, constraining the new number by a specified number of digits.
ROUND(number, num_digits) and replace number with the field or expression you want rounded; replace num_digits with the number of decimal places you want to consider when rounding.

An example of usage:

<!-- 20/3 = 6.6666... rounding to 2 decimal places should result in 6.67 -->
<apex:variable var="myVar" value="{!ROUND(20/3, 2)}"/>

Use setScale() method to round a decimal

Decimal no = 1.23345;
Decimal result = no.setScale(2);

no need to write JS thing you can do it, only using apex tags see below working examples.

I think ROUND is the best function for using round off the decimal value. just like

<apex:outputText value="{!ROUND(Quote.Discount, 2)}" /><!--2 is your decimal places -->
<apex:variable var="cntFinal" value="{!ROUND(Quote.Discount, 2)}"/><!--here also 2 is your decimal places -->

you could use it at any apex tag with value.

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