It's really strange to say that, but I don't know why this was working on the last week and now it's not working anymore. I tried different browsers and OS, but it simply doesn't work.

Here is the .cmp

<aura:component >
    <ui:inputDate aura:id="date-id" displayDatePicker="true" select="{!c.fldChanged}"/>

Here is the controller (.js)

    fldChanged : function(component, event, helper) {

I tried other supported events (as described here), and if I change it from 'select' to 'blur' (for example), the event is fired normally.

Has anyone faced this issue?

Thanks in advance!


I had the same issue with locker service turned on. I worked around it by adding a change handler on the value tag of the date picker instead of using the change or select event.


 <ui:inputDate aura:id="date-id" value='{!v.date}' displayDatePicker="true"/>   

Change Handler

  <aura:attribute name="date" type="Date"/>
<aura:handler name="change" value="{!v.date}" action="{!c.fldChanged}"/> 

Controller code:

 fldChanged : function(component, event, helper) {
  • That looks good, but in my real case I have like a list of <ui:inputDate> (since it's inside of an <aura:iteration>, ) do you know how to handle this on that case? I mean, the value will not be only a simple variable, it could be related to the ui:inputDate that I decide to change.. Thanks! – msonza Jul 7 '17 at 16:32

The select event is not meant for inputDate it seems. You can use change event instead. See the image below. enter image description here

  • Yeah, if I have only 1 input:Date that may work, but on my real scenario, I have like a list of it and need to handle it with values that are filled dinamically. Is there a way to create something like that? Still, I don't understand why this is was working before and now it's simply broken. – msonza Jul 10 '17 at 17:13
  • Did you try with "change" event ? – Junaid P Khader Jul 12 '17 at 3:54
  • If there is only a single record (only one input:date) it works, but on my real case, I have more than one. So what can I do? Do you have any suggestions? (As I said above, they are dinamically created and have different results, so I cannot create like 10 "change" events or so.) – msonza Jul 12 '17 at 13:47
  • Why do you want to create 10 change events ? You can put it in aura:iteration and do it right ? – Junaid P Khader Jul 14 '17 at 8:29

Just for the record, this is a known error and it's being verified here.

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