In the Quote Standard Fields (Setup > Customize > Quotes > Fields) there is no CurrencyIsoCode field. However, when I run the following apex code:

List<Quote> quotes = [SELECT Id, Name, CurrencyIsoCode FROM Quote LIMIT 1];
System.debug('>>> quotes: ' + quotes);

I can see CurrencyIsoCode:

16:55:42:004 VARIABLE_ASSIGNMENT [25]|quotes|[{"Id":"0Q00m000000Cl4KCAS","Name":"Test_20170623","CurrencyIsoCode":"EUR","RecordTypeId":"012610000002iLVAAY"}]|0x4da9e55a

No clue on the CurrencyIsoCode field of the Quote object in this help doc either.


You seem to have answered your own question. The SOAP API Developer Guide also lists this field.



Defaulted on create, Filter, Restricted picklist

Available only for organizations with the multicurrency feature enabled. Contains the ISO code for any currency allowed by the organization.
If the organization has multicurrency and a Pricebook2Id specified on the quote, then the currency value of this field must match the currency of the PricebookEntry objects that are associated with any quote line items it has.
This value is copied from the related Opportunity and can't be changed.

  • Thank you, Adrian. I missed to check that part of documentation. – Eduard Jul 7 '17 at 14:36

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