Our requirement is to show asset details in Field Service Lightning application. We have completed below steps so far,

  1. We have created lightning component to show asset details.
  2. This lightning component accepts Asset Id and then shows asset details. This is working fine in Salesforce1 and Lightning application.
  3. We are trying to refer this lightning component application by using App extension from (Field Service Mobile Settings). App Extension details are as below, i. Name: Asset Hierarchy ii. Type: Lightning App iii. Launch Value: AssetLightningcompApp iv. Scoped To Object: WorkOrder,Asset v. Installation URL:
  4. When we are clicking on Asset Hierarchy in FSL application it gives blank page.

Please help us to understand how to refer lightning component in Field service lightning application.

Thanks Arvind


Take a look at the bottom of page 110 here: http://blog.bessereau.eu/assets/pdfs/salesforce_field_service_implementation_guide.pdf

It states that you can pass values using the Launch Value section. It may be worth seeing if you can put a standard merge field in there and see if it work, example:

Lightning_App_Name?recordId={! WorkOrder.Id }

I am not too sure if that will, but it's worth a try :)

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