I want to filter user lookup with criteria: only users have permission set name 'manager_user'. So to achieve that, i do as follow:

  1. Create a permission set name 'manager_user'
  2. Create a custom permission name 'manager_user'
  3. Add custom permission from 2 to permission set 1
  4. Create formula field in User object with name = PermissionSet_Formula, value = IF($Permission.manager_user, 'manager_user', '')
  5. Set lookup filter criteria: User: PermissionSet Formula equal 'manager_user'

But when save filter lookup, it show error:

Error: Error in referenced formula PermissionSet_Formula__c, Field $Permission.manager_user does not exist. Check spelling.

@Jack I think you can not use formula field in lookup filters. more details click here

  • It's not true, when I change PermissionSet_Formula_= 'manager_user', I can save filter lookup normally. – Jack Dawson Jul 6 '17 at 8:22

The formula is copied from the formula field and the result is error, because $Permission is not known inside the filtered lookup. The solution may be using Validation Rule, but I am afraid that $Permission always references to the current user and the formula field on the User object may not resolve your problem.

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