According to this document when Person Accounts is enabled for the Salesforce Org, there should be new fields added to the Account object (PersonMailingCountry, PersonMailingCity, etc.). However, when I go to the Page Layout section for the Person Account record type, I can't find these fields to add to the layout. Also, when I go to the Fields section under Setup->Account->Fields, I do not see any of the new fields that should be added. However, if I perform execute the following code Account.SObjectType.getDescribe().fields.getMap() I see the new fields being returned.

Is there a reason why I cannot see these fields in the UI, but I can view them through Apex?


Person accounts are combination of Account and Contact object.

After Activation of Person Account all the Standard fields of Account & Contact will be available with some few exception.

When you create person account, MailingStreet from Contact becomes PersonMailingStreet on Person Account.

You will access those fields PersonMailingCountry, PersonMailingCity, etc from API but in UI you will see Account and Contact related fields.

  • How can I edit the MailingStreet field on the Contact from the UI? When I try to go to the Contact page, I am redirected to the Person Account Detail page. Jul 5 '17 at 22:45

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