Just a little background on my situation, I'm a new Admin/Developer for Salesforce, my company recently started using Salesforce and I'm trying to fulfill all the needs as they come. I have NOT had the time to go through any formal training on Salesforce Admin/Dev, I do have .Net programming experience though.

What I need help with is an issue with downloading Files/Attachments from an Opportunity, currently we have users that will upload 5-15 PDF's to an Opportunity and a different user will need to download all the files to process them in another system. Currently I don't see any way to "Download All Files" so the users have been downloading them one at a time and when they have 5-10 different Opportunities like this it becomes a time consuming task.

I have been tasked with finding an efficient way to download all the files/attachments inside of Salesforce, to accomplish this task I was trying to access the attachments from Apex so I could work with them programmatically. Currently the Files are of type ContentDocument and I can't access them without referencing ContentDocumentLink and Opportunity, I can't find a way to actually download the Files using ContentDocument and its a pain to reference each one this way. Is there a way for them to be uploaded as Attachments? Again I am very new, so feel free to suggest better methods to accomplish this task!

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