I have been trying to use exclusion script to exclude customers from receiving emails triggered from API using triggered send.

The process followed is as below :

  1. Create a standard DE Test_Opt_Out_List with the excluded customers ( containing subscriberkey and emailaddress fields ).

  2. In the triggered send definition have specified the following code :


  3. Each time the API is triggered with the same subscriber key present in Test_Opt_Out_List, the record is getting added to the Triggered DE and email is being sent.

Can you please let me know if I am missing anything here ? I also tried creating the DE with Domain Exclusion template and used the same exclusion script , I am still receiving the emails.

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The above works with standard DE , I was saving the changes made in Triggered send and starting the triggered send definition , missed the step after save where we need to publish the changes.

The above functionality seems working fine once the publish changes is clicked and Triggered send definition is started.


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