I'm in the middle of creating a Journey in Journey Builder that will send a push message based off data that I am firing in to my API Event.

In my Payload I have

"Data": {
        "PUSH_CONTENT":"This is some sample push data"

and what I want to do is to include %%PUSH_CONTENT%% in my Mobile Push message - but whenever I do it doesn't want to work.

Anything I can do?


To answer my own question - this is not possible with the out-of-the-box MobileConnect and MobilePush activities for Journey Builder. I went ahead and created my own custom activity to get around the issue.

  • Hello, did you try using GTL ? I am having the same issue and I prefer not to use custom activities for this use case.
    – zeljazouli
    Dec 11 '17 at 11:09

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