I had written my code in salesforce dev org and I want to do it managed package so when I try to do the namespace of managed package is not added to the code what I have to do search and replace it all or there is any other solution

  • No need to add the namespace. Commented Jul 1, 2017 at 5:51

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Salesforce automatically prepends your namespace prefix, followed by two underscores (“__”), to all unique component names in your Salesforce organization. A unique package component is one that requires a name that no other component has within Salesforce, such as custom objects, custom fields, custom links, s-controls, and validation rules. For example, if your namespace prefix is abc and your managed package contains a custom object with the API name, Expense__c, use the API name abc__Expense__c to access this object using the API. The namespace prefix is displayed on all component detail pages.

But if you are using javascript redirect or code then you need to manually add your namespace in the javascript code


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