I want to try to log changes on apex classes in my org. Everytime the apex class is edited by someone i want to log the username and timestamp. Sounds easy but as i tried to write a simple trigger on the ApexClass object i got an error:

Error: Compile Error: SObject type does not allow triggers: ApexClass

This is what i've tried so far without any luck:

trigger myTrigger on ApexClass(after update) {

Is there any workaround for this approach?


Triggers are not allowed on Apex classes. I think the solution here is a behavioral and process one and not a trigger. In my opinion, all code should be kept in some version control system. Changes should be committed, tested and reviewed prior to deploying to production. The advantage of a VCS is the ability to track changes and rollback as needed.


You can't execute triggers on the ApexClass object. Unfortunately, there is no in-system method for tracking changes. See Apex Code History - Ideas on the Idea Exchange.

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Far from ideal but this can be accomplished by doing your saves with an ant script that also calls a rest endpoint that can query for the change in ApexClass and update some other record.

Alternatively, Aside.io is a Force.com IDE that does what you are seeking, saving the information in Aside_Code_Update__c records. Note: You need to enable "Org Code Search" for this to occur.

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