In my page, I get following error:

Unknown constructor 'InstagramJsonToApexUserBio.InstagramJsonToApexUserBio(InstagramIntegration controller)'

Here is my code:

<apex:page controller="InstagramIntegration" action="{!performOperation}" 
    extensions="InstagramJsonToApexUserBio" sidebar="false" showHeader="false">

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You would need to update extension's constructor to link it to the Controller.

If your controller is:

public class InstagramIntegration {

    // constructor
    public InstagramIntegration() {


Extension would be like following (note the parameterized constructor):

public class InstagramJsonToApexUserBio {

    // constructor accepts main controller as a parameter in constructor
    public InstagramJsonToApexUserBio(InstagramIntegration objController) {


Now it would allow you to save the page as it knows your extension is connected to the controller:

<apex:page controller="InstagramIntegration" 

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