To test updating a custom object field via a trigger, I'm executing an update in Execute Anonymous to test the code. My test works on standard objects (Contact), but it doesn't recognize my custom object (Project) which is also in a managed package. Profiles allow me to update the object. The Error msg. is: Invalid Type:(Project). It references the 1st line 'List'. Please advise.

    List<Project> projs = [SELECT Id FROM Project Where   Project.PT_PIPROJ__PI_Outbound_Msg_Sent__c = True];     
for(Project project  :projs){ 
    Project.PT_PIPROJ__PI_Outbound_Msg_Sent__c = False; } 
    update projs; 

Custom objects in a managed package org have a namespace prefix (e.g. yourns__) automatically added and the custom object suffix (__c) automatically added.

So if you created an object called "Project", the API name you need to use in Execute Anonymous would be yourns__Project__c.

So if the managed package namespace is "PT_PIPROJ":

List<PT_PIPROJ__Project__c> projs = [
        SELECT Id
        FROM PT_PIPROJ__Project__c
        Where PT_PIPROJ__PI_Outbound_Msg_Sent__c = True
for (PT_PIPROJ__Project__c proj : projs) { 
    proj.PT_PIPROJ__PI_Outbound_Msg_Sent__c = False;
update projs; 

Please refer this documentation which has details about Custom objects in Salesforce and its naming conventions:


In the API, the names of custom objects include a suffix of two underscores followed by a lowercase “c” . For example, a custom object labeled “Issue” in the Salesforce user interface is Issue__c in that organization’s WSDL.

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