I want to track data related to SMS send, such as JobID, BatchID, SubscriberID, EventDate, similarly to what it can be done for Email send by using the _Sent data view for Email send.

Are there ways to get this data whitout using the sendlogging?


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You can query the "SMSMessageTracking" data view to get the additional data you want :) The syntax can be seen under Salesforce Help > Docs > Marketing Cloud Journeys and Automations: Data View: SMSMessageTracking.


this is not possible to my knowledge. You can query sms subscriber data, https://help.marketingcloud.com/en/documentation/automation_studio/using_automation_studio_activities/using_the_query_activity/data_views/data_view_subscribersms/

but not the sms'es sent

you can manually create reports from the mobile connect studio, which generates a csv file

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