When performing a sub query, I get the following message:

WARN|fflib_QueryFactory.subselectQuery(Schema.SObjectType) is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use fflib_QueryFactory.subselectQuery(String) or fflib_QueryFactory.subselectQuery(ChildRelationship) instead.

The code runs successfully, but I received this warning message above. Is there any other way to do a subselect without receiving this message?

fflib_QueryFactory faqsQueryFactory = newQueryFactory();        
    fflib_QueryFactory pFactory = new FAQsSelector().

    return (List<FAQ__c>) Database.query(
        faqsQueryFactory.setCondition('cat__c =: cat AND subC__c =: subc').toSOQL()
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    The warning itself seems to recommend alternatives. Have you tried them? – Adrian Larson Jun 28 '17 at 21:03

If using fflib from at least one year ago, the way to include subselects is given here in this example selecting Opportunities w/ OpportunityLineItems (and lookup parent PricebookEntryProduct2/Pricebook2

public List<Opportunity> selectByIdWithProducts(Set<ID> idSet)
        fflib_QueryFactory opportunitiesQueryFactory = newQueryFactory();

        fflib_QueryFactory lineItemsQueryFactory = 
            new OpportunityLineItemsSelector().

        new PricebookEntriesSelector().
            configureQueryFactoryFields(lineItemsQueryFactory, 'PricebookEntry');
        new ProductsSelector().
            configureQueryFactoryFields(lineItemsQueryFactory, 'PricebookEntry.Product2');
        new PricebooksSelector().
            configureQueryFactoryFields(lineItemsQueryFactory, 'PricebookEntry.Pricebook2');

        return (List<Opportunity>) Database.query(
            opportunitiesQueryFactory.setCondition('id in :idSet').toSOQL());
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