We have the SF Enterprise version and I am looking for some guidance. I created 2 lookup fields in the Opportunity called "primary contact" and "secondary contact". These contacts exist in the Contacts along with their titles and email, etc. When I go to run a report, how do I get this primary contact's email address and title to come across in my report? I hope this makes sense as I'm trying to explain my issue here! Thanks in advance.

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Instead of lookup fields, you should be using Opportunity Contact Roles. This would allow you to run standard Opportunity and Contact Roles reports to get the opportunity, account, and contact information, including their title, email, phone, addresses, and more. I strongly advise using this feature.

However, should you choose to proceed with your current design, you can either add formula fields to the opportunity, or you could create a Custom Report Type and include the extra fields you want via lookup relationships.

  • Thank you so much for responding to my question. I appreciate the help and will look into the Contact Roles!
    – K Bink
    Jun 29, 2017 at 15:36

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