I have one custom object A with allow search enable. I have one custom field B for custom object A. I have one record of A with value of B as 1,212,212. i have added custom field B in search layout >search results. When i give 1,212,212 in global search it is not returning me any result but there is one record with B = 1,212,212.

How to add custom field to make it global search enable.

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I assume from the input (1,212,212) that custom field B is a number datatype and that is why the global search isn't returning the record. Adding field in search layout > search results determine the fields that are displayed on search results columns and doesn't affect the fields that are actually searched. Please refer searchable fields to have a look at searchable fields and types. If this is your main requirement and field isn't deployed yet, then edit the field datatype from number to text to make it as a searchable field. (FYI, changing already deployed field datatype with values might cause data loss)


Please check the below link which shows which objects can be searched and what can be searched as part of global fields.Number fields cannot be included in global search

https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=search_fields_cex.htm&language=en_US&type=0 enter image description here

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