The code I am trying is-

var newComponents = [];
newComponents.push(["aura:html", {
                                    "tag": "a",
                                    "body": "click",
                                    "HTMLAttributes": {
                                        "href": '#id=123',
                                        "onclick": "alert(\"test\")"

When I add the components using $A.createComponents method, it only renders the href attribute, but not onclick or press as well. I tried with class, id attributes also, they are getting rendered successfully. Any workaround?


Your onclick needs to be a reference to a controller method.

Try something like:

"onclick" : component.getReference("c.yourHandleClickMethod");

The reason that the onclick handler is removed is because it's treated like any other markup that you add - any directly executed javascript is removed at compile time.

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