I have a business requirement, which says that xml files (with table and row like elements) are attached (uploaded) to a custom object, which will be done through the REST API. That's done. Now I would need to open that attachment by code (could also be a file object) and read parts of that xml file into a custom object, and then send that xml to an external web service. I could not find an Salesforce documented way to do so. I do appreciate any hint/sample/idea on that.

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If the volume of data is not huge, then the simplest way to read the data is to use Apex's DOM parser:

Dom.Document doc = new Dom.Document();

and then the various methods that let you walk around the parsed structure.

The same classes work well for when you want to create XML: they handle things like the escaping of characters in strings and allow nested structures to be built up fairly easily. (Building XML by appending strings is pretty fragile.)

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