I've been sending SMS through ExactTarget for years, but we want to cater specific info to individuals with SMS. I know nothing about AMPscript, but if I could get help writing a very simple template, I would be most grateful!

Here's what I want:

"Thank you for attending our meeting! Your assigned seat is _______."

Columns I use in the CSV file are "Subscriber Key", "Mobile Number", and "Locale." Can I create a new column "Seat" and have the dynamic text pull that data to send the seat number to each attendee?

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How are you sending the SMS? If you are using mobile connect you can add attributes for personalization through contact builder. Then simply add the variable to the SMS message.

  • I am using mobile connect in ExactTarget (Salesforce). I have never used contact builder. Just set up Outbound texts through Mobile Connect. Can you explain how to add attributes for personalization?
    – koreanry
    Commented Jun 23, 2017 at 21:01

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