My development team is getting ready to transform our organization onto the Salesforce platform - No small task. I am hearing the best place to start is with declarative Salesforce so we know what can be done out of the box before we start coding the solution. This makes sense to me but when on Trailhead it's not apparent where this training is; I suspect it's all over the place.

Which Trailhead courses would you recommend? Which tags should I use for searching?

Trailhead really doesn't define declarative tracks, per se


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Search with Admin or Administration related trailheads to start with. Declarative means click and not to code and doing with configurations.

Start with Admin beginner and Admin Intermediate Trails which contains respective modules.


I haven't done this trail but it looks like a good fit for you: Admin Beginner. Also possibly useful: Learn CRM Essentials.

As far as baseline skills, here are some of the biggest declarative building blocks:

Also, while it's not Trailhead, learn to know and love this tool: Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries

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