I trying display number of currently logged users to the community in my lightning component. Now I using below SOQL query:

List<AggregateResult> numberCurrentlyLogged = [SELECT COUNT_DISTINCT(LoginHistory.UserId) number FROM AuthSession WHERE LoginType = 'Application' AND SessionType = 'UI'];

this query return count of all currently logged user to ORG not to community.

Any idea?


Add this (or similar - you may have to query and check for a value corresponding to your community):

UserType = 'Customer Portal User'

From AuthSession:


Type picklist

Properties Filter, Group, Restricted picklist, Sort

Description The kind of user for this session. Types include Standard, Partner, Customer Portal Manager, High Volume Portal, and CSN Only.

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  • This is a part : ) I have 3 communities and I need display on it inform how many users are currently logged to this community. For example I have 2 communities A and B on A logged 5 user and display 5 but on B logged 3 and display 3 ; ) – JJanek Jun 23 '17 at 10:16

I resolve this issue base on AuthSession - user type and sesion. Added single permset to acces in community - so I need add it to the user. I put all user with PermSet to the Set and loop for agregate resoult from authSesion LoginHistory.UserId. And If in Set and in AuuthSession add 1 to the counter.

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