I am actually creating an input field dynamically in lightning , and i want to set focus on the field, as soon after it is created. So i wrote this :

    loadEditableCmp : function(component, event, helper) {         
        var container = component.find("xid-fld-container");
        var ftype = component.get("v.fieldType");

        if(ftype == "currency"){
            var param = {
              "aura:id" : "xid-fld",                
              "value": component.getReference("v.fieldValue"),
              "class": "slds-input xcs-max-w",
              "blur" : component.getReference("c.handleBlur")

          $A.createComponent("ui:inputNumber",param,function(cmp) {
             container.set("v.body", cmp);
             console.log("field loaded");
   handleBlur : function(component, event, helper) {
      console.log("## element blured");

There is no error generated on the focus method when used as above, but there is no focus on the field after its load. Does anyone ever achieve this?


As i thought, it only need a small delay before setting the focus. So in the callback function should only set the focus in a setTimeout function, for the small delay between setting the body and the focus :

       $A.createComponent("ui:inputNumber",param,function(cmp) {
            container.set("v.body", cmp);
            console.log("field loaded");
            //add only a small delay so that it has the time 
            //to set the body and trigger the focus
            setTimeout(function(){ cmp.focus(); }, 200);

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  • Interesting - thanks for the update. I was having problems setting focus to an input field on a modal after I'd created it, so maybe it's a timing issue. I'll have to test this out. Thanks! – Florissant53 Jun 21 '17 at 18:48

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