I can't seem to find any documentation on the usage of page views with lightning and especially with communities. Is there a clear Salesforce provided page with what count and what doesn't count as a page view. For example if I need to make a call from my component to his apex controller or if I navigate from one component to another ?



As part of Lightning communities documentation you can use google analytics to track page hits,views by user and object.

Below link has more information on the same


I havent tried it but from the information provided seems it can provide lot of insights on page hits,views by users.


For communities you can check Community Management Package for Communities app on the appexchange. You have 2 versions, one with chatter, and other without.

This app creates the reports of pageviews, activity of topics, feed, and many other things.


Spring '17 Salesforce Community Management Package for Communities with Chatter

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