I have a custom object and the detail page of the object has an Text ID, a standard field as header. Can we change it to the name which is the custom field. Attached is a snip where i wanted to change the header.enter image description here

In the above picture i would like to change the Header "Test-W-1111" and my own custom field value to it.

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    can not be done on page layouts. although I feel it would be a great feature...however if its really a business-critical thing, you could go for custom VF page
    – ipradhansk
    Jun 19, 2017 at 15:06

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Salesforce by default shows the Name field for a custom object as header where Name is applicable.

Though, through Feed based page layout you can display custom fields at Highlight Panel in console.

Highlight Panel

Sample Case record

Sample Case record

Highlight Panel in Case - console

Highlight Panel in Case - console

For classic view, the custom fields cannot be shown until we build a Visualforce page using <apex:sectionHeader/>

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