It is possible to show the first page of an PDF attachment on a visualforce page like a preview?

I have a custom object with some information and a link to a PDF file which is stored in salesforce. I have a list of all these items and I wanna show the first page of the PDF.


    style="height: 100px; border: 1px solid grey;" 

I add this code, but It doesnt work, I just see the border. The file is stored as file and attachment in the custom object.

  • Maybe the document you're trying to present is a doc and not pdf? Most ids of pdfs in SF start with 015 and not with 069.. – Yonathan Goriachnick Jun 18 '17 at 13:47

I have used the object tag to display a PDF static resource so I assume this will work for your PDF link:

        style="height: 500px; border: 1px solid grey;" 


Based on the comment thread, I think this is what worked for peXeq:

<apex:iframe src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file={!attachment.id}"/>
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  • I deleted my answer your answer seems more appropriate for this context – RedDevil Jun 17 '17 at 19:56
  • What kind of link is necessary – peXeq Jun 18 '17 at 9:44
  • @peXeq Just had a Google and found <apex:iframe src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file={!attachment.id}"/>; give that a quick try. Not to sure what will work fpr an attachment. – Keith C Jun 18 '17 at 12:47
  • @KeithC, this will try to download the document and present it. – Yonathan Goriachnick Jun 18 '17 at 13:48
  • iframe works fine, for images and pdf documents. – peXeq Jun 18 '17 at 14:02

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