I have a list of rules that are a detail record for requirements. If any two rules have the same parent I would like to remove one of them from the list (doesn't matter which one). I thought I could do this by creating a set, but am unsure of how to create the set based on the master-detail id, rather than the object id?

List<ProgramEligibilityRules__c> progrule = [SELECT Id, Requirement__c FROM ProgramEligibilityRules__c WHERE Id IN: reqs]; 

This code will do it

Set<Id> uniqueReqIds = mew Set<Id>();
Map<Id, ProgramEligibilityRules__c> mapForUnique = new Map<Id, ProgramEligibilityRules__c>();

for (ProgramEligibilityRules__c> rule : [SELECT Id, Requirement__c FROM ProgramEligibilityRules__c WHERE Id IN: reqs]) {
  mapForUnique.put(rule.Requirement__c, rule);


The first Set will give you the unique reqs IDs. The Map will put one of the associated ProgramEligibilityRules__c record (the last) as the value.

Obviously, you don't need both. I just added them so you can pick the one you need.

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