I am trying to retrieve all my product rows that match the last region of my user.

So I begin to set my user's last region:


If I print this variable using %%=v(@LAST_STAY_REGION)=%% the ID of the region is returned just fine.

Then I retrieve data of my product table using the following code:

set @SAME_REGION = Lookuporderedrows("PRODUCTS","2","SORT_ORDER_FR DESC","REGION_ID","%%=v(@LAST_STAY_REGION)=%%")

However when I count the number of rows returned with count rows function, the results is 0.


The problem is, that you use the V-function which is for outputting variable values. If you like to use a variable as function parameter just use the variable name (in your case @LAST_STAY_REGION) instead:


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