Can not see submit for approval button in my approval process? Please let me know how should I add it. Thank you

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  • Although the question is poorly phrased, I do think it's valid. I've personally gone through the "Customize How Records Get Approved with Approvals" unit at trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/modules/… and I also do not see the Submit for Approval button anywhere on the Opportunity screen. At the very least, the user interface is not intuitive. It could also be a bug or a misrepresentation of how this feature is supposed to work. An answer providing info & a screenshot of the Submit for Approval button could be helpful to the OP and myself. – Frans Aug 10 at 6:50

There could be following reasons:

  1. Configure and activate your approval process.
  2. Add Approval History related list to the page layout.
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Another Reason, In addition to Raul's, If you already request an approval, the button not appear until you will approve/reject the request.

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OK, so like me you may have wondered where the Submit for Approval button is supposed to show up after going through the Trailhead unit at https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/modules/business_process_automation/approvals.

There seem to be (at least) three conditions that need to be met for the Submit for Approval button to show up:

  • The approval process must be active
  • You (the current user) must be allowed to initiate approval
  • The approval button needs to be on the Page Layout for the object

The approval must be active

This one is simple, and if you went through the Trailhead unit I mentioned above, you would have already activated it. If not, just hit the Activate button on the approval screen.

Activating the approval process

You (the current user) must be allowed to initiate approval

This is what the "Initial Submitters" field controls. The default is "[Object] Owner" (e.g. "Opportunity Owner") and in my Playground org, all Opportunities were owned by me, so that was fine.

Initial Submitters on approval process

The approval button needs to be on the Page Layout

Find the Page Layout for the Opportunity object -- there are four of them in the standard Playground org, but as a user with the System Administrator profile, you would get the one just called "Opportunity Layout". (Check the assignments by going to Object Manager > Opportunities > Page Layouts > Page Layout Assignment.)

Page layout assignments

Open the "Opportunity Layout" page layout, and scroll down to Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions. If you hadn't customized this section yet, there will be a text blurb here with a link "override the predefined actions". Click that link and the text will be replaced by a list of buttons.

Salesforce Mobile and Lighting Experience Actions before overriding predefined actions

This is where it gets confusing. You'll see the Submit for Approval in the list of buttons. If you're like me, you'll assume that that means it was already part of the predefined actions, hit Cancel, and look for a solution elsewhere. But apparently, even though the button shows up when you say you want to customize the predefined actions, it's not actually one of the predefined actions. Horrible design decision on Salesforce's part, if you ask me.

Salesforce Mobile and Lighting Experience Actions after overriding predefined actions

So what you need to do is just click the "override the predefined actions" and hit the Save button.

Now go back to an opportunity, and, lo and behold, there's your Submit for Approval button / menu item.

Submit for Approval button

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