I want to Update Field properties

 Schema.SObjectField field = fieldMap.get(fieldName);

    Schema.DescribeFieldResult fieldDescribe = field.getDescribe();

    labelMap.put(fieldDescribe.getLabel(), fieldDescribe.getInlineHelpText());
       String   colors = fieldDescribe.getInlineHelpText();
    NRT_NatureOfRequestType__c nt =new  NRT_NatureOfRequestType__c();
   String paint='paint';
       String color = paint+colors;
       nt.CareType__c.InlineHelpText= color;
       Upsert nt;
     system.debug('colos '+nt); 


NRT_NatureOfRequestType__c()---> is My object

CareType__c----> is my field

I want Update "Help Text" properties under CareType__c field

The Error is

Invalid foreign key relationship: NRT_NatureOfRequestType__c.CareType__c

Is it possible is Salesforce? Or any other suggestion?

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Updating metadata information is not possible in apex yet.

If the functionality is critical for business, you can try using Apex Wrapper for the Salesforce Metadata API by Andrew Fawcett.


There is a new (paid) admin tool which allows bulk update of all object & field meta properties, including help, description, formula fields, etc. from a provided Excel list - so something has changed to now allow this?

Bulk Object Field Creator

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