Account and Contact Object have Lookup relationship.

There are two requirements:

To display the count of Contacts into the Account Object. So I have created the trigger for it and now it is displaying the Contacts Count onto the custom field of Account Object.

Now the Second Requirement is: ParentAcc: ABC, Account1: Contact1, Contact2 (count will display 2 in Account custom field) ParentAcc: ABC, Account2: Contact1, Contact2, Contact3(count will display 3 in Account custom field)

But now In Parent Account: ABC Count Should Display as 5.

How can we achieve this?

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In your trigger make a set of all parent Id field and then query the child based on that and use parentId field to make a group of them. Now in a map increase the count.

Map<Id,integer> accountMap = new Map<Id,integer>();
for(Id accountId : AccountIdSet)
    accountMap.put(accountId, 0);
for(contact c: [Select Id,AccountId,Account.ParentId,Account.Parent.parentId, Account.Parent.Parent.parentId, Account.Parent.Parent.Parent.parentId from contact where AccountId IN : AccountIdSet Or Account.ParentId IN : AccountIdSet Or Account.Parent.parentId IN : AccountIdSet Or Account.Parent.Parent.parentId IN : AccountIdSet Or Account.Parent.Parent.Parent.parentId IN : AccountIdSet]){

Here AccountIdSet is the Id of all parent Account of current child account. Now using this code in the accountmap you will get count of all child till 5 level. To fill AccountIdSet you can use same query.

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