I need to deploy Queue with Ant from 1 sandbox to other.

I can retrieve the queue XML using eclipse IDE, and it contain all the setup in the queue, except the Queue Members. At first I set in the members the group 'All Internal Users' , and didn't get anything related to this in the file XML. Tought it's related to this specific group, so I tried to add Role or User as members, but still cannot see this setup in the XML file.

Is this something that cannot be deployed or I missing something?

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    I don't this you can deploy Queue Members using ANT as it is used only to deploy meta data and Queue members are more of a data than meta data.I have not tried this and would love o be wrong about this. – Samir Jun 14 '17 at 8:06
  • Thanks. I just confirmed it with SF and indeed the Queue members cannot be deployed (either by Ant, Changes Set or other ) – Liron C Jun 14 '17 at 8:08

You'd add Queues as data by inserting Group SObjects with type = 'Queue'. Add members by inserting GroupMember records pointing to the Queue's Group Id as the GroupId. Finally you'd assign the Queue to be available as the owner of selected SObject types by inserting QueueSObject records. Please be aware that Salesforce auto-generates a List View for every Queue you assign to an SObject, and these Queues are metadata which cannot be deleted through Apex, only through the UI or Metadata API (this is annoying).

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