we wanted to create a Send Log DE.

We went to create a DataExtension based on the SendLog template.

But as shown in screenshot we do NOT have the option to see and choose the sendLog template for our Data Extension.

No Send Log Template available

Do you know if anything must be enabled before we can use the SendLog template?

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The Send Logging feature needs to be enabled in your account for this template to be available. So you need to reach out to your account executive or log a new case in salesforce help & training portal where you ask for "Send Logging feature activation".

Your account must use the send logging and data extension features. Contact your relationship manager for more information about enabling these features.

(Source: Marketing Cloud documentation on Send Logging)

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there is no need for you to see the send log template, even if it is enabled, they just give you a few column names. you can directly go to the salesforce marketing cloud documentation and search for send log table and create a DE on your own by seeing the attributes

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