I am trying to create hybrid_local app for which I have followed the following steps in Windows environment:

  1. Installed JDK
  2. Installed Android Studio 2
  3. Installed Android SDK from Android Studio 2
  4. Installed Android Virtual Device (AVD) from within Android Studio
  5. Installed Node.js and npm
  6. Installed Cordova by command npm -g install cordova

then entered

forcedroid create in cmd asked for application_type then entered hybrid_local cmd prompts with application name but I am not able to enter anything, not sure what's wrong and If I am missing any steps.

Please see the image below

enter image description here

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I recommend typing forcedroid create with other arguments listed in forcedroid page

for example: forcedroid create --apptype=hybrid_local --appname=FSMobility --packagename=com.companyname.appname --outputdir=newFolderName

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