I have a formula field Actualization Factor (Padding) which should return number. PaddingNew__c is a percentage field . My formula is (1-PaddingNew__c/100).

Whenever i change the PaddingNew__c field the corresponding result should appear in the (Actualization Factor (Padding)) field.

By default this results in a wrong result.

For example: If i enter 10 as PaddingNew__c % its resulting Actualization Factor (Padding) as 0.999 when i change to 12 its still showing Actualization Factor (Padding) as 0.999..

Actually my requirement is to show as if padding percentage if entered as 5% Actualization Factor (Padding) should appear as 0.950

  • Can you Explain your Requirement clearly ? – user44771 Jun 13 '17 at 7:06

Your formula is wrong. If you want to show 0.95 when the padding is 5, this is the right formula:

  • Thanks for the suggestion.I tried this it worked as per my requirement. – Gmi Jun 15 '17 at 4:53

As PaddingNew__c is a percent field so it will always hold the value from 1-100. It this assumption holds true then just change the formula to (100-PaddingNew__c/100). It will work and gives you the expected output.


i have changed the formula to (1-PaddingNew__c) it worked

  • If answer your own question please try and make it useful so that someone else could read it and understand it easily, e.g. post a bit more of how the formula will look in Salesforce. See How to Answer for guidelines – Dave Humm Jun 14 '17 at 10:52
  • I love when people don't even try to read the answers provided to help them. – Martin Lezer Jun 14 '17 at 10:58

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