I have synchronized the Leads created in Salesforce with a Data Extension in Marketing Cloud.

I want to update the value of my DE doctors attribute isRegistered to Y, if I find a record in my synchronized DE which has a common record to the DE doctors.

I consider the records to be common if both have same email id.

Edit:- I tried to filter the synchronized DE on Automation studio, but I am unable to see any record on the journey builder. Furthermore, I tried to manually create a filtered DE and then add it to the Journey Builder, but the Journey Builder doesn't reflect any update I make to my DE after it (the Journey Builder) is started.

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  • Have you started writing the query? If so, can you update your question to include what you have? – Adam Spriggs Jun 12 '17 at 11:22

You could do it this way:

/* add required Lead columns here */
, 'Y' as isRegistered
from Lead_Salesforce as l
inner join doctors as d on (d.[email id] = l.[email id])

The inner join ensures only those Lead_Salesforce rows with a matching doctor row are updated.

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  • But Adam how can I make sure that the update takes place on demand or atleast follows a regular schedule. – Siddharth Agrawal Jun 14 '17 at 5:51

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